We have created an iconic new design for Bacardí that
tells the remarkable story of a rum and a dynasty.
Bacardí is not just another drinks brand. It is a family
business whose story is intrinsic to the art and
architecture, culture and politics of the turbulent
history of the Caribbean island of Cuba.
Bacardi Packaging

All design details and typographic treatments are sourced from or
inspired by the family’s incomparable archive of design heritage. Our
intention was to create a marked contrast with the previous packaging
by including detail about the making of the rum and its history. This is
also expressed through the tactile qualities of the paper, print and
finishes that echo the care that goes into the making of the rum.

The Details

AThe bottle labels are printed on cane fibre, a by-product of sugar cane,
intrinsic to the making of Bacardí rum. The new bottle is based closely
on those used in the nineteenth century and features embossings and
messages unique to Bacardí.